Mercy Corps : A Humanitarian Aid Organization Essay

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Mercy Corps is a humanitarian aid agency whose main goal is help those struck by disaster. Mercy Corps is all over the world. They are stationed in places like South Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Haiti, Myanmar, India, Uganda, United States, and Syria, just to name a few. (Mercy Corps website CITE) The reasons for needing aid in these countries include natural disasters and man-made disasters. Natural disasters include earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, avalanches, droughts, storms cyclones, and even epidemics or plagues. While man-made disasters include armed conflicts, plane/train crashes, fires, industrial accidents, and genocide. (Humanitarian Coalition) In all, there are a plethora of events that make a country in need of humanitarian aid, meaning there are numerous countries in need. However, there are also many organizations and countries who have the resources to help them. Once again, this includes Mercy Corps.
Starting in 1979, Dan O’Neill, founder of Mercy Corps, began a campaign titled, “Save the Refugee Fund”, for the refugees escaping from Cambodia due to the war and famine. (CISR, 2000, Page 2) Then in 1980, O’Neill happened upon a man named Ellsworth Culver who was Vice President of the, “Food for the Hungry” organization. With a shared interest to help people in countries affected by disasters, they collectively started Mercy Corps in 1982. Throughout the years, Mercy Corps has done a ton of work. This includes helping 175,000 emigrant persons in…

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