Mercury, Vaccines, And Autism Essay

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Working Bibliography

Baker, Jeffrey. "Mercury, Vaccines, and Autism. One Controversy, Three Histories” American Journal of Public Health 98(2) (2008): 244-253 .Web. 9 Nov. 2015.

Scholarly writer and doctor, Jeffrey Baker’s article “Mercury, Vaccines, and Autism. One Controversy, Three Histories” published in the American Journal of Public Health examines the efficacy of thimerosal in vaccinations and the three specific concepts including vaccine preservatives, mercury poisoning and autism. The article provides an historical overview of the development of vaccines and the possible correlation of mercury-based vaccines with autism by inserting statistical data that describes the differing efficacies as well as its effect on the most recent controversy. Although the article presents evidence for support of the anti-vaccination movement, the major of the evidence favors the increased effectiveness of implementing mandated vaccines, in addition to eliminating philosophical and religious exemptions. Baker’s focal purpose was to underline the success of a potential vaccination policy and highlight the data that is considered when attempting to dispute vaccinations as necessary. The overall article is presented with a neutrally constructed tone to informatively introduce the purposes of mercury and its recent link with autism proposed by Jenny McCarthy. This article is highly applicable to my argument essay providing background information essential to the understanding and…

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