What Is The Impact Of Mercantilism

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Since Britain practiced salutary neglect way before the 1750’s, it seemed to have immensely impacted the improvement of American society through the acceptance of merchants support in the control of colonial trade and stealing upon others. Mercantilism was a system of policies with the purpose of building a wealthy and powerful system. The thought to enrich the country by simply encouraging exports and prohibiting imports was exactly what mercantilism was all about.

The British behavior and thoughts towards salutary neglect gave the colonies the ability to set up their own governments. The British had a high level of self-governance so they had to learn how to keep a structured society and learn to work with what they had. Colonies like so
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Britain’s first Prime Minister Sir, Robert Walpole, wanted to expand Britain’s economic power and used salutary neglect to achieve his goal. Aside from economic gain Walpole also filled in positions such as officials and governors leading to salutary neglect impact on colonial development. As the so-called mother country became more lenient about enforcing laws the colonies soon began to develop their own laws. The American colonies soon developed independent congress passing their own though out laws for their self-governance. Virginia and Massachusetts were two of the many legislatures who passed their own laws on tax. Economically they became successful under salutary neglect trading with the Spanish and New France and so on. Despite Britain’s success they ended up failing after the conclusion of the French and Indian war. To ensure its victory, Britain had to put a lot into war debt leading to their gain in territory control. In addition to Britain’s power, and all the effort put forth to a victorious war, it wasn’t long before Britain corrected its policies of salutary …show more content…
The British attempted to reverse the policy of salutary neglect in the 1760’s with the intent to stop illegal trading. This enforced the navigation acts imposing new types of taxes on the; Sugar act, stamp act, Townshend act and the tea act. After changes took place the American colonists became very angry, they once had it all and now there was no way to attempt to continue their lifestyle of passing their ideal laws and so on. A disturbance that seemed to now have no end, just a few years ago they were able to disobey the navigation acts. Their accustomed to practice what was ideal for them it was a direct result of salutary neglect. Despite their disapproval of the new change they managed to insult the British by reducing their profits even more than what it already was through the new taxes. A King can’t simply leave his kingdom to rot and find its on way through life and then a few years later attempt to come back and regain what he’s lost completely. The colonies grew with their own perspective of what life should be for them, you simply couldn’t come and try and take it all away and try to run your government as you

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