Mercantilism: Policy Used By The British And The English Colonies

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Otis Lomenick
Mr. Frederick
Hist. 2010
Exam 1 IDs Mercantilism was a policy used by the British and The English colonies in 16th to 18 century. It was a way to increase the wealth of the government. It was made to export more than import more to make a profit. It was the main way to make a lot of profit back in that time. Middle passage was a part of the Triangular Trade. It was a passage way in which slaves were sent to the New World. The middle passage was used in the 16th to 19th century. The passage went from Africa to South America and Philippians. It was the main trade route to bring slaves to the Americas and Philippines. After they trade the slaves, they trade slaves for goods, they head back to Europe with goods to trade.

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