Mercantilism In Great Britain Essay

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Since migrating from Great Britain, several factors have shaped the development of the colonies into a juvenile independent country. The suffering of Great Britain’s mercantilism carries profound significance in the divergence because it led Britain to implement regulatory policies over the colonies, rather than continue with the salutary neglect exerted earlier. One policy includes the Stamp Act, a small tax placed on foreign made molasses, a tax that paved the way for the cycle of taxing and rebelling that tarnished the relationship of parent country and colony. Several works of propaganda influenced how the colonists viewed the British. For example, Paul Revere’s depiction of the Boston Massacre and the British intentions, although severe …show more content…
Also, the Great Awakening, defined as a religious revival of the the original Puritan vision, separated the colonies from the Anglican, in that many formed sects within the religion, disregarding church authority. The Enlightenment had a similar effect, since it led many to question the traditional authority and beliefs of Great Britain and Europe. A political event that shaped the relationship between Great Britain and the colonies is the Proclamation of 1763, which established a line the colonists were not permitted to cross. This induced doubt, throughout the colonies, towards whether the British cared about colonial needs. Ultimately, our disaffection with Great Britain seemed imminent, with several aspects of their imperial power not complementing the social and cultural developments that accommodated the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment. However, fellow colonists, the revolt and rioting that encompass all domestic affairs within our great colonies is the product of our corrupted leaders feeding disinformed neutrals propaganda disregarding the British’ intentions to build and empire, and to act drastically on our impractical impulses would be reckless and only damage our way of

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