Essay about Mentors in Violence Prevention

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SSGT-LDR Mentors in Violence Prevention
2601E Student Guide
Annex A: Article Analysis Worksheet
1. Synopsis (situation, background or introduction) – This is a two sentence summary of the article containing the five Ws (who, what, when, where and why).
Sergeant Trevor Hooper 26, a former Marine Corps recruiter was sentenced to prison for sex crimes against a minor. Sergeant Trevor admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old student he met while recruiting at her high school.

2. Problem (Facts of the article) – This section states the main problem which needs to be resolved.
The main problem that needs to be resolved is the damage control that Sergeant Hooper has implemented on that community and high school where the student
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I would utilize the results of this situation to really bring my fellow recruiters in closer and continue to address that fact that while they are on their recruiting tour, to remember daily that they are Marines first, and recruiters second.

What would you do to prevent the situation?
b. The first thing that I would have done to prevent this situation is at all times remain on a professional level while canvassing local high schools, and universities. If I found myself having a problem with the temptation of wanting to be sexual active with teenage girls, I would have sought help for this problem before it escalated out of control.

How would you educate the individual and other Marines?
c. I would educate my Marines on sexual misconduct, the importance of professionalism as Marines, and remind them of their mission while serving on recruiting duty.

How would you coach peers, subordinates, and chain of command?
d. I would coach peer, subordinates, and the chain of command, by using Sgt Hopers mistakes as a true gut check. I would continue to remind my peers and subordinates, our current mission as Marine Corps recruiters and emphasize on the importance of upholding our image of Marines while on recruiting duty.

How would

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