Mentors : An Effective Mentoring Program Essay examples

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Mentors are crucial in training and retaining new law enforcement professionals and therefore development of mentor programs should be a priority to law enforcement agencies everywhere. Research has shown that an effective mentoring program increases productivity, employee retention, and job performance in professions across the board (Russell, 2011). In addition to being a demanding and at times dangerous career, law enforcement agencies face unique challenges brought on by the high level of public scrutiny departments are often faced with. These challenges highlight the need for effective mentoring programs all the more. Young aspiring police officers look to positive mentors, who can demonstrate exemplary behaviors and share their knowledge and experience with them. Mentors provide new recruits with on the job training, as the new officers are able to observe an experienced officer in action. Having an identified mentor gives the new officer a point of contact when they have questions or need guidance. It is through these positive experiences and professional mentor relationships that new officers begin to mold themselves to become the best possible officer they can be. The benefits of having an experienced mentor are invaluable to up and coming law enforcement professionals, as well as departments as a whole.
While informal mentoring is common practice in law enforcement it is far more beneficial to have a formal mentoring program. When veteran officers…

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