Mentoring Vs Discipleship Essay

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Discipleship and mentoring are two vital ministries needed both inside and outside the church. Both can be life changing and seem rather synonymous with each other, however, there are differences that are needed to be understood between the two. Plainly stated, disciples devote themselves to the precepts of Christ and possess both passive personal and active social qualities (Sanders, 1994). A disciple appreciates the heavy, personal toll of discipleship, and with a humble spirit, is willing to suffer and surrender their lives to Christ at any cost (Sanders, 1994), including laying down one’s own life. In many churches, the concept of discipleship is skewed by the desire to fill seats throughout the congregation, and as a result, no lasting transformations can be realized in the believer (Hull, 2004). Discipleship is considered by many in …show more content…
Rather than training in all life situations, as seen in discipleship, mentoring leads someone in specific life situations (Barna, 1997). As such, the mentor is usually older and more experienced in the area a person may be looking for guidance ("Mentoring," n.d.). Mentors aide an individual who has already been discipled and encourages development in specific areas of need ("Mentoring," n.d.). Unlike discipleship, a mentor does not necessarily try to recreate themselves in another person, nor does mentoring need to be spiritual ("mentoring," n.d.). Mentoring may not happen consistently and is not a biblical command (Matthew 28:19). There may be little expense and limited focus in a mentoring relationship while, with discipleship, the relational sum is great, and the commitment, is to the whole person ("Mentoring," n.d.). Although, there are similarities and differences between discipling and mentoring, it was, and still is Jesus’ way of doing ministry (Hull, 2004), and perhaps, the church overall, should take notice and follow Christ’s

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