Mentoring Vs. Coaching : Mentoring And Coaching Essay

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In order to fully understand what a leadership coaching certification is, how you go about obtaining one and the benefits that come along with a certificate, one needs to first understand the difference between what mentoring and coaching is. Both are processes that allow people and corporations to achieve their highest potential. These two types of services offer a “vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable the client to achieve success in one or more areas of their life of work” ( Mentoring and coaching have similar characteristics, but are each unique in their own ways.

Mentoring vs. Coaching
Mentoring can be defined as “off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking” ( - Clutterbuck and Megginson). According to, mentoring is relationship oriented, is always long term, is development driven, requires a design phase and the immediate manager is not directly involved. In a business setting, a person has a mentor to follow the footsteps of a more experienced and wiser colleague. People seek guidance and knowledge from someone who has been in their shoes before.
Coaching is, “a process that enables learning and development to occur and this performance to improve. To be successful a Coach requires knowledge and understanding of process as well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that…

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