Mentoring And Succession Planning For Minorities And Women Essay

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Recommendation Plan #1: Mentoring and Succession Planning for Minorities and Women

Solution: In order for Wal-Mart to improve the lack of minority and women representation in its senior level positions, the company should set up a mentoring program as well as succession plans. Through mentoring, employees identify themselves as a vital part of the organization while creating a heightened level of ownership. A mentoring program will assist in building a pipeline of diverse employees. Wal-Mart should establish a formal mentoring program, especially for minorities and women who Wal-Mart identifies as potential candidates, who in the near future, will be ready for executive level positions and who the company will create a succession plan. A formal mentoring program has many advantages that include: Connection to a strategic business objective of the organization; Established goals; Measurable outcomes; Expert training and support; and Direct organizational benefits. Wal-Mart’s CEO should select the mentors by creating a questionnaire that could match partners with the right mentor. However, he must make sure that the mentors are really wanting to participate. Training should be given to the selected employees prior to meeting their mentor. By providing training, employees will have more knowledge of what a mentorship program is. It will help mentees understand the benefits of participating in the program.

Through succession planning, Wal-Mart will…

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