Essay Mentally Ill People

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“Deinstitutionalization as defined as the movement of people with psychiatric, intellectual, or developmental disabilities from state institutions and hospitals into community living situations, as well as the closure of large (mostly state-sponsored and funded) institutions and hospitals for people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.”
I believe Deinstitutionalization of mentally-ill people is a neo-liberal bias as it believes in moving from care at public or state sector towards private care at community centers. Because of deinstitutionalization several mentally ill people rely on organizations that are funding by different agencies to provide them with care, housing and education. The main idea behind deinstitutionalization was to provide people with more humane care but it shows neo-liberalism bias because of association with privatization and deregulation due to which majority of these people have ended up living in homeless shelters or prisons.
Also deinstitutionalization focuses on least restrictive environment which is a neo-liberal approach as individuals are moved from state or public to community or private organizations believing that these patients might be danger to themselves or others at the hospital while unwell and working in small groups would be helpful for them. But this neo-liberal approach fails to take into account the patient’s choice and autonomy while…

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