Mentality Changes As Our Age Essay

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How Our Mentality Changes As We Age

Everyone changes as we age whether it’s through maturity or through experience. Personally I think experience has more to do with the changes than maturity does. But studies have shown general changes in mentality and personality as we get into the stages of adolescence, young adults, and middle age. Generally people in adolescence and in young adulthood are still trying to find themselves while people in middle and old age have their lives settled down.

As an adolescent both boys and girls are going through the physical changes of puberty which effects the way we think that its important who you “hookup” with, who your friends are, and how popular you are. Most teens going through the changes of becoming an adult begin to disattach with parents and family. When we do this adolescents began to feel as if they are alone and no one understands their problems this is the main reason for addiction to drugs, according to many psychologists. Feeling alone can probably be another reason that there are so many teens on social websites, people want everyone to know what is going on in their lives. At this time in our life we become very self-conscious both boys and girls which is cause for depression and eating disorders
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During this time people began to care more about their work, responsibilities, and the others in their life. Because of having a set group of friends or family as a social involvement men usually are less open to meeting new people. Women on the other hand become very social and less neurotic as they age. Men show no significant signs of neurotic changes as they reach their 30’s. The brain is able to improve cognitive functions and sort out problems better during your middle ages. This is surprising because you often hear complaints from middle aged people about how their brain doesn’t work how it used to and how they can’t remember anything. But in our middle ages the brain replenishes itself giving us more memory capacity and the experiences we have to use in our daily lives.

As adolescents we really have to control our thoughts and our feelings to avoid ruining the rest of the long life we could have ahead of us. As a young adult we need to find ourselves and be happy with who we find because if your not happy with yourself then no one will be happy with you. And as a middle aged person you should realize what you have and not what you don’t because those are supposed to be the best years of your

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