Mental Stressors In The Military Essay

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According to Seligman & Fowler (2011), the response of psychology to the needs of the US military intensified during the First and the Second World Wars (p. 82). This followed the increasing levels of anxiety, suicide, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and the need for highly resilient army officers who would undertake the unforeseen future warfare. During the world wars, many psychological problems evolved among the soldiers. For example, there were high cases of divorce among the soldiers more than ever before. The increase in the number of psychological problems in the US army influenced the chief of staff to write to the American Psychology Association (APA) about the need to intervene into the matter. This essay discuses mental stressors that are unique to the army and how they are solved.
Mental Stressors unique to the Army
One of the mental stressors unique to the army is trauma of war (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2014, p. 1). It is the military that is involved in direct combat whenever the country is at war with any enemy. During the combat, many traumatic incidents are experienced such as the loss of friends and workmates, dangerous injuries, and exposure to hostile environments. These kinds of incidences are rare in the general public and hence special
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This follows the adversities that the soldiers that usually exposed to during war. However, measures have been undertaken to understand these problems and use a scientific approach to solve them. This has facilitated the development of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program, which aims at improving resilience of all soldiers. As such, those experiencing PTSD will decrease while the resilient ones will increase. However, there is need for more research in military psychology to ensure that the best solution is achieved in the near

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