Mental Models Essay

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Assessment 1 | Mental Models

Can your mental models about your world both assist and limit your perceptions when you meet a person for the first time?

(Senge, 2006) advocates the notion that mental models are the images, assumptions and stories which we carry in our minds of ourselves other people, institutions and every aspect of the world. I believe this to be a true statement when it comes to way in which we interact and reciprocate with a person we have met for the first time. It is the ideas we form consciously or unconsciously from our own experiences and which either lead or limit our activities and thoughts through various channels. Our world is so complex that when we meet a new person for the first time our initially
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Similarly to Plato’s allegory of the cave he lead me to question my perception of reality which I can directly relate in this context. Individuals need to be experienced in order to believe in the kind of person they are, by refusing to do this I am only limiting my mental models in believing what is known and not allowing my mind to accept anything different.

Upon encountering an individual for the first time my initial though is their opinion of me relating to my own self-perception based on my individual self-esteem, self-concept and self-efficacy. These aspects stem from the value I place on myself which infiltrates the way I not only perceive others but how I am perceived on an individual and group basis based on mine and others past and even current experiences. Meeting a person for the first time again forces me to fall back on my preconceived ideas of that person or the experience in meeting

them which is not always positive. Being able to challenge my assumptions through research or an alternative experience will allow me to find another reality essentially altering my perception.

Learned perception will affect my reaction towards others, just as I might reflect my parent's personality traits, religious beliefs and philosophy on my life. My personality, culture and habit form my learned perception by teaching my

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