Mental Ilness Essay

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Social Stigmas Mental Illness

Mental Illness:-

• Introduction :-
Mental disease and its stigma is observed in most of the culture. People of different age, gender or socio-economic status may suffer from mental illness. At least twenty percent of people pass through mental disorders in some way or the other during their lifetime. Stigma towards mentally ill people is very risky. This affects on their ability to perform duties, their revival, treatment procedure and support they receive, and their recognition in the group of people. Stigma is considered as a sign of shame, dishonour or disapproval, of being rejected by others. Stigma is painful and humiliating. Since Civilization, persons suffering
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Deinstitutionalization and better treatment and rehabilitation services make comfortable to individuals with mental illness. They receive services at community, agencies. Unfortunately, still the stigma of mental illness remains a significant problem encountered by psychiatric consumers, especially those pursuing education or employment. The influence of stigma encompasses stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, separation, and status loss , which make individuals with MI more vulnerable to social rejection, income loss, limited opportunities for employment or education, relapse, and experiencing another psychiatric disorder.
In our society, many examples can be found which elaborates strong causes of stigma attached to mentally ill people. Mental health advocates severely criticized electronic media as contributing to the stigma of mental illness. Seeing as two decades, television was implicated in perpetuating the stigma attached with mental illness. Since that time, mental health advocates have asserted that the electronic media portray mental illness in an unfavourable and inaccurate manner. For example, people with mental illnesses are often represented as dangerous or out of control. They are shown to public with ugly get up. But research shows this is hardly ever the case. In our culture there are certain

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