Essay about Mental Illnesses And Its Effects

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Mental illnesses are some of the least publicly accept illnesses being widely demonized by those who do not understand them. In the past those afflicted with mental illness locked up and hidden away from the public; patients at psychiatric hospitals were treated worst than animals. People with mental illnesses often do not receive the support that those with physical illnesses receive because their afflictions are not externally apparent. There are some who choose to believe that people with mental illnesses are faking and simply just want the attention or that these illnesses can be cured by nothing more than a simple change of minded. Because of society harsh views many individuals with mental illnesses feel ashamed of them self, guilty because they assume that it is their fault, and scared that those around them possibly even the people closest to them are judge the mercilessly, sentencing them to a life of hardship. The stigmas that follow mental illness often lead people to avoid seeking help for fear of judgment in turn possibly worsening their condition. For some the consequences of the discrimination face by those with mental illnesses is more life treating that that of the illness itself, with many at risk of being homeless, jobless, or not receiving adequate healthcare.
Review of Literature
EFFECTS OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MENTAL ILLNESS The following article covers the cultural aspects of mental illness and how discrimination cans exacerbate the…

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