Mental Illness Essay

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Lessons from the PoorMental illnesses are perceived by society as taboo. However with a correct Diagnoses and effective treatment plan people with psychiatric disorders can lead normal lives. I will address my feelings about certain psychiatric disorders and the people who suffer from them. Next I will discuss co-occurring disorders and how some are more serious than others. I will disclose my feelings about medical treatment of mental illnesses with pharmacotherapy. Finally I will discuss weather treating mental illness with psychopharmacology drugs are a poor solution or great advancements. Contrary to popular belief Psychiatric disorders are more prevalent than society wants to admit people simply avoid seeking treatment because of the …show more content…
While the above listed are all co-occurring disorders schizophrenia is one of the more serious disorders because it disturbs the thought process and distorts one’s ability to perceive things as they should. People who suffer from this disorder often have trouble organizing thoughts or may irrationally organize thought. This disorder is often accompanied by hallucinations and emotional withdraw. Schizophrenia is one of the more serious disorders because the disturbances are chronic and fluctuate often.
Pharmacotherapy refers to the treatment of mental illness with prescribed medications. The medications are used to stabilize and/or correct mental illness thus reducing the need to self-medicate. These drugs are helpful and often reduce symptoms allowing the individual to lead normal lives. The use of medication to treat the mental illness reduces or eliminates dependency on illicit drugs and alcohol.
Psychopharmacology refers to the treatment of mental illness by the means of communication; this communication is generally conducted in a therapy session. This approach allows the person suffering to develop a trusting relationship thus creating an environment where one is willing to share and become accepting of self. This therapy can take place in a variety of setting and can include behavior therapy, group therapy, and cognitive therapy. One or all of these therapies may be used in an effort to treat the patient’s

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