Mental Illness Paper

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Mental Illness
Evettelitsia Narvaez
October 3, 2015
Lucretia Wright

Philosophers have written historical documents indicating the long-term existence of depression. The first historical understanding of depression was a form of spiritual or mental illness rather than a physical one. Some individuals occasionally feel sad due to numerous things that take place in their personal life. The feelings improve after a couple of days. However, depression interferes with an individual’s daily life and affects their loved ones. Depression is common but is still taken as serious as any mental illness. Although, not all persons who suffer from depression seek the proper medical attention their mental state requires.

Some myths
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Lack of these chemicals causes an individual to spiral into depression. Thus, why an individual’s typical signs and symptoms are feeling anxious, sad or the feeling of emptiness.
Not only does the neurotransmitters control the individuals mood but their behavior, mood and their ability to learn or pay attention to their surroundings and may even have thoughts of suicide. The patient’s that have been diagnosed with depression has a number of treatments that will assist with their mental disorder and learn how to live their life or learn how they’re able to rebuild the broken pieces in their life. Depending on the patient’s condition a physician would start treatment with antidepressants. The patient is informed if they have any suicidal thoughts to seek medical attention immediately. Other severe cases of depression require an individual to be treated in a controlled facility to obtain the around the clock treatment to understand the patient's mental state. Some individuals need particular attention because they've attempted suicide and needs 24-hour surveillance.

When a patient is undergoing outpatient treatment, it's important for them to be surrounded by a healthy environment. When a patient hasn't surrounded a healthy environment, it prolongs the road to their recovery. When a patient situation is unstable, it can cause their condition to worsen. Which would make it harder to treat because they've recently

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