Mental Illness : Mental Health Care Treatment Essay

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The sub topics I have discovered regarding mental illness include the stigma of mental illness, the unequal opportunity to receive effective mental health care treatment in the U.S and the overrepresentation of mentally ill offenders in U.S jails and prisons. Findings from numerous studies have revealed the social, structural, associative and self-stigma surrounding mental illness. (Corrigan et al. 2003) (Martin et al. 2007) (Lucas and Phelan 2012) (Jenkins and Carpenter-Song 2008) (Markowitz 1998) (Verhaeghe and Bracke 2012) (Stuart, Arboleda-Florez, and Sartorius 2012.) Additionally, numerous studies have also been completed to identify if all Americans have an equal opportunity to receive effective mental health care treatment, the findings from these studies indicate that all Americans, due to financial and structural barriers, do not have equal opportunities to receive effective mental health care treatment. (Burns, 2009) (Ojeda and Bergstress 2008) (Zastrow, 2014) (Wright and Perry 2010) (Snowden, et al. 2008) Evans, Dwight L. et al. 2005:551) (Schaefer 2008) (Stuart et al. 2012) Furthermore, several studies also have shown that mentally ill Americans are overrepresented in U.S jails and prisons. (Pustilnik 2005) (Raphael and Stoll 2013) (Skeem et al. 2009) (Stapleton, Honeycutt and Schechter 2011) (Redlich, Summers, and Hoover 2010) (Skeem, Manchak, and Peterson 2011) Patrick Corrigan, Fred E. Markowitz, Amy Watson, David Rowan and Mary Ann Kubiak (2003)…

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