Mental Illness Is A Huge Problem Today That Can 't Always Be Solved By A Special Treatment

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Tai Kezirian
Mrs. Mims/Mr. Lewis
Advanced Writing
Nov. 6 2015

Mental Disorders: Schizophrenia
Mental illness is a huge problem today that can’t always be solved by a special treatment. Amy Bloom uses the story “Silver Water” to show that mental illness can not always be fixed through special treatment. A woman expresses her older sister Rose’s mental decline, which caused her family to experience one of their loved ones suffer through one of the most harsh mental illnesses. Rose’s loved to sing and be around music especially since her voice was “like mountain water in a silver pitcher, the clear blue beauty of it cools you and lifts you beyond your heat, beyond your body.” (87) But her music failed her in all the institutions she went too dealing with her mental illness. Rose comes home from the institutions and throws a fit in the kitchen that same night. Finally, after ten years spent in different institutions with good and bad treatments from doctors, she committed suicide. In “Silver Water”, Amy Bloom uses Rose’s illness to show that the flawed psychiatric institutions and treatments do not help cure everyone.
In the opening scene, Rose got to an age where she began to start coming home moody and tearful, then she got to the point where she stopped coming home. She would go in the woods behind her house every night and not come back inside their house until her mother would make her at dusk. The mother of Rose would step into the briars and pull her out of the…

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