Mental Illness Is A Condition That Impacts Many Americans Today

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Mental illness is a condition that impacts many Americans today. It affects an individuals thinking, feelings, or behaviors and it may also affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis. The treatment for mental illness is drug therapy according to diagnosis and mental health counseling. In my mental health clinical I assess my patient using therapeutic communication to get a health history, personal history, mental status, the reason they are there, mood, speech, behaviors, and perception. My assessment will aid in determining if the patient is experiencing suicidal or homicidal ideations, as well as hallucinations and delusions. If a patient is feeling like they want to hurt themselves or others, I have them make a verbal contract with me that they will come talk to me if they are having any thoughts of harming their self or others. I use safety techniques to ensure that the patients and everyone stays safe in the facility. I always make sure to respect personal space, keep myself between the patient and the door and never touch a patient unless I have asked for permission. I speak in a calm, respectful manner, use appropriate eye contact and if the situation gets uncomfortable, I calmly remove myself and wait until things have calmed down. It is important for me to understand what triggers my patients episodes and help them find coping techniques to deal with difficult situations in their life. I always explain to my patients that…

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