Mental Illness In Pirsig's Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Mental Illness in the World Today Mental illness is becoming common in the world today. How mental illness is diagnosed and treated varies. Mental illness is serious and without the proper diagnoses and treatment, it can lead to future problems. It is very important to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness to obtain the proper medical treatment. In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pirsig explains his son, Chris, has a mental illness. Pirsig has yet to have Chris diagnosed to receive the proper treatment. “They can’t have real kindness toward him, they’re not his kin.”(1) Pirsig believes people will not treat Chris kindly, because of his mental illness.
Treatment of mental illness has two different forms, the way people treat patients and medical treatment. People tend to treat mentally ill people differently than someone without. If everyone could have a better understanding of mental illness, treatment would become easier. Most mental health patients will not seek medical treatment, due to the way people would treat them differently. (People’s attitude toward) The way people treat patients and medical treatment, go hand in hand. Without mental health patients seeking the proper medical treatment, it can cause serious side effects,
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This corresponds to approximately one death by suicide every 40 seconds.”(2) A large portion of people who commit suicide have some sort of mental illness. “Ninety percent of people who die by suicide have a mental disorder at the time of their deaths.”(3) There are several warning signs that a person is contemplating suicide. These warning signs can include; talking about suicide, behavioral changes, and mood changes. It is imperative that these signs are caught in order to prevent suicide and they get the medical treatment needed. Proper understanding and compassion of mental illness could further prevent

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