The Importance Of Treatment For Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a condition that impacts many Americans today. It affects an individuals thinking, feelings, or behaviors and it may also affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis. The treatment for mental illness is drug therapy according to diagnosis and mental health counseling. In my mental health clinical I assess my patient using therapeutic communication to get a health history, personal history, mental status, the reason they are there, mood, speech, behaviors, and perception. My assessment will aid in determining if the patient is experiencing suicidal or homicidal ideations, as well as hallucinations and delusions. If a patient is feeling like they want to hurt themselves or others, I have them make a verbal contract with me that they will come talk to me if they are having any thoughts of harming their self or others. I use …show more content…
This environment prevents the patients from becoming over stimulated. Patients who become over stimulated may have anxiety and explosive behavior. The care for patients in the mental health facility is focused on the thoughts, feelings and coping techniques to help them live with their mental illness. In the mental health care unit, the nurse will need to build a trusting relationship with their patients so the patients will feel safe and comfortable enough to share the details of their life. It may take time for a mental health nurse to earn the trust of their patient and it may also take time for the patient to interact with their nurse. I feel patients on the medical unit want more upbeat, friendly caregivers. This helps motivate them to participate with the healing process. The environment in my medical clinical rotations is very bright, busy and hands on. This setting provides a very positive atmosphere that gives the patients hope and optimistic thoughts on

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