Mental Illness In Mental Media

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A mental illness is a condition that impacts a person 's thinking, feeling or mood and may affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis("Mental Health Conditions”). Mental Illness is not a personality weakness or character flaws cause mental health problems. People with mental health problems can not snap out of it if they try hard enough. In places like the media, mental illness is portrayed as dangerous, fixable by love, and even romanticized. Media lazily represents mental health and because of this mental health is not thoroughly seen as what it truly is. Mental Illness is a serious problem and because it is not portrayed as one in the media or in real life, it is hard to prevent and/or treat.
Mental Illness is a serious problem because it can alter a person’s entire life and the lives around them and can also be fatal. In fact, it can be extremely fatal according to the data shown by the Centers for Disease Control
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The media publicly and repeatedly demonizes the people who need the most help(VICE). Mental illness is portrayed in media, and in real life in a exaggerating and almost fictitious sense. It is because of this, that many people refrain from talking about mental health and are even afraid of it. In most movies starring a mental illness, the character is either extremely homicidal or extremely suicidal, and in real like this symptoms of mental illness are quite rare. Movies like Mississippi Damned, not only represents mental health justly, but also shows the true struggles and consequences of it. Mississippi Damned shows the median of mental health, not showing the extremes but the normal everyday effects of mental health on the person and the people around them. The movie shows the problems of mental health, but neither Mississippi Damned or any media truly shows ways to cope with mental

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