Mental Illness And The Textbook Essay

776 Words Dec 1st, 2015 4 Pages
The readings from the textbook connect to what we learned in class in many ways. One way the textbook readings connects to what we learned in class is how we discussed the different types of intervention the leaders need to provide to group members with a mental illness. One intervention that we discussed was giving these members support. This intervention relates to what the textbook because in the textbook is that it is extremely important to give members with a mental illness emotional support. Another way the textbook relates to what we learned in class is when we discussed the goals for group members with mental illness. In class we said that the goal for these group members is to help them combat illness and manage it, combat their issues with social isolation, and redeem their self-esteem. Similar to the textbook it states that, members in mental illness group need to be encouraged to look beyond their medical condition t, socialize with their friends again, and regain their role in their family. Furthermore, another way the textbook relates to what we learned in class is when we discussed how we should help members find themselves during group sessions. Where as the textbook, state due to the fact that members are affiliated into hospital or rehabilitation centers they are often given regimented behaviors and become foster dependency. Due to these factors most people with a mental disability believe their lives are in the hand of the medical staff.


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