Mental Illness And Substance Abuse Essay

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In New Jersey, there are different hospitals that serve patients with mental illness. At Christ Hospital, in particular, they serve individuals with a mental health illness on an inpatient psychiatric voluntary unit. The psychiatric unit is of an acute setting because patients are only on the unit short-term. The average length of stay for a patient is about a week. Some patients may stay longer up to two weeks, depending on their needs and cares. If the psychiatrist determines if they need a higher level of care, then they will be screened by another hospital. In this area hospitals’ such as Jersey City Medical Center that will provide the care they need. The type of patients that we accept at the facility are diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorder, or co-occurring, which means that the individual has both mental illness and substance abuse.
In this paper, I will walk you through a client who is a 26 year old Hispanic female. During the psychosocial evaluation, I was able to gather relevant information about the client psychiatric history, her medication, and different facilities that she has attended. The patient was voluntary admitted on the unit with schizophrenia and she was complaining of symptoms such auditory hallucinations, sleep disturbance, paranoia, and admits to non-compliance of her medications. Patient currently denies suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation. Patient also denies having a substance abuse issue.…

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