Mental Illness And Mental Health Essay

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I personally believe health professionals do not understand mental health as much as they should. Mental illness has been a taboo concept in our society for a long time and it still is for the older generation. I feel like just recently society is becoming more understanding of mental illness and not have a prejudice view on mental illness. As Dale said, she felt as if she was put on a shelve. I think he feels that way because of how society perceives mental illness. I think she felt that way because his doctor did not have the tools or resources that Dale needed nor did her doctor have a care plan that would help Dale live with a psychiatric disability. Instead, the doctor just gave her medication and left it up to Dale to figure out how to handle this by herself. This is an example of the “rules” of disability because one of the rules is to be active and independent in management. That is exactly what her doctor let happen. Dale was left to deal with her disability by herself. She did not find guidance until she found 12 step and self-support groups. The self-support groups are a great example of the independent in management rule of disability. The impact on her was negative. She felt like she was alone and had to deal with her disability by herself. Getting treatment from her doctor should have helped but instead it made her feel worse, sometimes it resulted in her getting hospitalized. She said she felt like a failure and I could understand that because she could not…

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