Mental Illness And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Mental Illness
Everyday a victim of mental illness causes some form of trouble. Whether it be causing minor injuries to themselves or others, or hurting dozens of people. Though it may or may not be evident, most of the world 's population suffers from some form of mental illness. The effect that this has on the world is not always evident, so it is rare that someone with a mental illness is properly treated. More often than not, those with mental illnesses cause severe damage to anyone they may be around; therefore, everyone with mental illnesses should always be given the proper care and medical treatment, whether it be from the government or from the family.
In the U.S., too many citizens with mental illness go untreated. In fact , 60% of the 43.8 million adults go untreated. Because they are already full grown, and living their lives, having a mental illness can become routine for them. For example, they may lose their temper one day, but see it as perfectly natural. An adult is more likely to cause harm than a youth. Approximately 50% of youth ages 8-15, are left untreated. Treating younger individuals would help spot and treat the illness. Unfortunately, without treatment, a youth or adult can easily cause problems to themselves.
Those with mental illness can be a major harm to themselves both physically and mentally. Although some may cause minor injury to themselves like cutting, more often than not, most go to full lengths through suicide. The National Alliance of…

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