Mental Illness And Its Effects On Mental Health Facilities Essay

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The study is planning to generalize the population of those with serious mental illness and identify the proportion of them that are within the proper facilities. In generalizing the seriously mentally ill, there will be some difficulty because of how complex and individualized some cases are. Generalizing in this case will work, since we only need general data that speaks for the majority of cases. This study is would be considered a descriptive study because it will attempt to give additional information to a topic that has been researched before. While this research has been conducted before, those studies typically limit themselves to comparing the amount of mentally ill in prison to the amount in mental health facilities. While this does provide the researchers with a sense of experimental control, it leaves out a portion of the population of the mentally ill that are not in either prison or institutionalized.
The study will consist of a series of mailed surveys. Essentially, these surveys will be used to identity the amount of individuals that have been diagnosed with a mental illness in various areas that we typically see the mentally ill ending up in. The surveys will be sent to various institutions around the country and compare that data with the total amount of the mentally ill in the United States. The institutions will be chosen via a systematic random sample. A list will be compiled of various institutions through the nation and they will be chosen randomly…

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