Essay about Mental Illness And How It Should Be Treated

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Mental Illness and How it Should be Treated “These ‘harmless’ antidepressants have recently been linked to violent behavior, loss of impulse control, and suicidal thoughts” (Eakman). One thing that is real important is the over-prescribing of patients. That also leads into doctors not caring what they do to their patients, just observe them, diagnose them, and give them unneeded prescriptions for no reason inset for the money the doctors are making. People may think mental illness is somebody just wanting attention or that it is, not serious, but what they may not know is that it can be very serious; anorexia, anxiety, and depression have killed a lot of people ranging in a variety of age, race, and religion. Lastly, for people to keep track of the people with mental illness, what they are doing, and what they may be prescribed to. Mental illness should be better taken care of in today’s society.
To clarify, the reason for prescribing medicine for an illness, such as depression, is so the person who has the illness can control what they may be feeling or their symptoms. Consequently, to this day ever since regular used medicines came readily available, people have been over using them, and doctors are over prescribing medicines that should be used in moderation. “ Studies from 2001 have estimated that two percent of Americans, or about four million people, have used benzodiazepines regularly for five or more years, a figure matched in the United Kingdom and in Europe”…

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