Mental Illness And Healthcare As Social Problems Essay

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Mental Illness and Healthcare as Social Problems
Mental illness and problems in healthcare in the United States are social problems that often go unrecognized, yet these problems affect such a large amount of people in our country. Mental illness not only affects the person with the disease, but their family members and society as well. Healthcare in America has become quite costly, and people without health insurance may not be able to afford seeking treatment for their mental illness. Anyone can be affected by these types of illnesses, and the stigma that a diagnosis may carry is often damaging to people with mental illnesses. I believe that we need to educate our citizens on the signs and symptoms of mental illness, and work towards more affordable healthcare in order to decrease the threat that these issues pose to society. Americans need to work together to encourage people with a mental illness to seek treatment, and to educate our citizens on the facts of such devastating problems.
The type and degree of mental illnesses may vary from person to person, but common illnesses include anxiety, major depression, and substance abuse. Because these disorders do not necessarily have physical signs, it is not uncommon that they are undiagnosed. While it can be costly to treat mental illnesses, it is even more costly to our country for people with mental illnesses to be undiagnosed. People will mental disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder may find it…

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