Mental Health Waiver : Wise Essay

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Mental Health Waiver: WISE The Mental Health Waiver, also known as Working for Integration Support and Empowerment (WISE), is a waiver program that helps individuals with serious mental illness who are currently residing in an institutional setting, or are deemed eligible to reside in an institution, transition back into the community. Previously, adults with serious mental illnesses were being discharged from inpatient treatment settings and placed in nursing homes to meet their needs. This waiver program gives recipients the option to live independently in the community while receiving the medical and psychiatric services they need. The state of Connecticut adopted this policy April 1st, 2009. This policy was enacted after research and the assessment of hundreds of nursing home residents showed they had common desire to want to return to living in the community. Not only does WISE meet the need to transition individuals back into their communities, but it also on average saves $15,000 per person by having them at home rather than residing in a nursing home. WISE is funded through Medicaid and Money Follows the Person, MFP, which applies to individuals who have resided in nursing homes for more than 6 months. The first section of the paper will discuss and analyze the WISE program through Analysis Method One: Politics of Policymaking, and the second section of the paper will employ Analysis Method Two: Implementation Analysis. The final portion of the paper will…

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