Mental Health : Rehabilitation Service Essay

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Mental Health Agency- Rehabilitation Service
For my informed consent I decided to pick a mental health agency that is primarily focused on rehabilitation services in the behavioral health system. The setting for this agency runs along an outpatient facility acquiring young and old adults, who need assistance and or treatment for mental and substance abuse disorders. The primary function of the rehabilitation service is to maintain health of the individuals along with additionally providing environmental health services, and preventive medical services, in certain instances. An informed consent will be enforced for each individual patient who wishes to use the facility, in effort to create a pure understanding of the rehabilitation services along with the patient’s requirements. Entailed in the informed consent individuals will be able to read and acknowledge the nature of the rehabilitation service, by releasing their signature and verbally agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Informed Consent Form
Welcome to the Rehabilitation Service in Allentown Pennsylvania. After carefully reviewing this information, please indicate your understanding and consent to treatment by signing your name along with indicating todays date. If you were to have any questions and or concerns please address them with your counselor during your first initial appointment.

Counseling Process
The primary theoretical orientation that the rehabilitation service utilizes comprises of…

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