Mental Health Problems Of Childhood Essay

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Mental health problems in childhood often lead directly to adult mental health problems. However, these problems limit the child’s accumulation of human capital through education which can reduce their later earnings and employment in adulthood (2).

School Environment
A child’s wellbeing is influenced by the social, physical and psychological aspects of their lives. Consequently, schools are key places for shaping general wellbeing. The ability to achieve their full academic potential is dependent in part of the health and wellbeing of the child. Academic success has a strong positive impact on a child’s subjective sense of life satisfaction, and behaviour and engagement in school (9). Research suggests that poor academic performance predicts lower probability of completing school and higher risks of violence, early pregnancy, delinquent behaviour and substance use. Poor performance in school may signal to children and their families a reduced potential for success in academic pursuits, lower motivation to achieve academically or remain in school and fuel interest in proscribed alternatives such as delinquency and substance use (6). Emotions can support or impede a students learning, work ethic, commitment and academic engagement. Social and emotional competencies such as confidence, persistence, management of stress, organisational skills and problem solving abilities have been found to be a more significant determinants of academic attainment than IQ. A sense of…

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