Essay about Mental Health Counseling

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Mental Health and Community Counseling
COUN 501

Abstract: Counseling is within the reach of anyone in today’s society. The fields of mental health and community counseling allow services to be rendered to anyone that may need these services while in the past these service were only accessible for a person of a higher social standing in essence the rich. Mental health and community counseling had its beginnings several centuries ago. The services received from mental health and community counseling have helped those with personality development and emotional problems that are unable to pay for services in private practice and therefore if not for these services these clients
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A philosophical discussion about the client’s life in terms of the issues that are causing the client’s anxiety has been found to be very useful (Fernando, 2007). The first step for the counselor is to help the client assume responsibility for any given situation while also helping the client decide what part they have played in contributing to their particular situation (Fernando, 2007). Fernando (2007) noted in the study that many clients evade responsibility for their situations; therefore, the counselor must establish which ways the client used and convey this to the client. The next step is to get the client to appreciate how they contributed to this situation which has been found in some cases to force change the structure of their own life (Fernando, 2007). Solution-focused therapy (SFT) is widely used in the community counseling field due to the fact that what brought the client to counseling is resolved in a very short period of time (Fernando, 2007). SFT is also widely used because is if very cost effective (Fernando, 2007). SFT deals with the solution to a client’s problem rather than what caused the problem (Fernando, 2007). Counselors using SFT help the client’s to recognize when something is not working and to discontinue that action but also the recognize what is working in the client’s life and to do more of that action (Fernando, 2007). Use of scaling questions with SFT is a common tool that helps the client to evaluate

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