Mental Health Conditions That Affect Your Mood, Thinking, And Behavior

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Mental patients are referred to a wide range of mental health conditions disorders that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. Examples like Autism, Anxiety Issues, and many more that affect them. It is so easy for anyone to get guns. About over 300 million have been made and sold to people in 2012, so there is a large supply of them. (My Turn: Should People with Mental Illnesses Own Guns?”, 2015). You can easily get one by just bribing a stranger or from a family member so it’s very easy to get one. Individuals with mental illness history should not own guns because there actions are unpredictable, it would reduce crime rate, and mental individuals have a higher rate owning gun.

My first argument is people with mental illnesses have a higher rate of not owning a gun. It’s very dangerous owning a gun, and considering that sometimes they can’t control themselves they would most likely cause more damage to society. They wouldn’t know when to stop, because they don’t have control all the time. It would be chaos with all the terror running in the streets as news choppers hover above, and police sirens coming to solve the situation. I mean you never know what could happen, you could be waiting on a train to get to your destination. When the person next to you randomly pulls out a gun and starts to fire a few rounds for no Reason! Also how it’s not very hard to get a gun, many guns have been produced and sold in 2014 statistics (almost 230 million). (My Turn: Should…

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