Essay on Mental Health, And Youth Dynamics

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The agencies I decided to contact were AWARE, Inc., Center for Mental Health, and Youth Dynamics. I decided to contact these three agencies due to the fact that they are located in the local area and they all provide mental health services. I went to all the agencies personally and asked about the services they provided for individuals and families. All the agencies provided me with intake paperwork so I could see what it would take to apply for services as well as pamphlets. The first agency I visited was Center for Mental Health. On July 19th, 2016 I spoke with Aimee at the front desk at 626 Central Ave. W, Great Falls. The clinic is opened Tuesday thru Thursday at this location. When I went in, I was automatically greeted and asked if I could be helped. I asked about the agencies trauma services that are provided for individual and family members. Aimee stated that they offer counseling, medication management, group, and case management. She then asked me if I would like to see an intake, I stated yes. I inquired about the group and she said that they are every Tuesdays when they have them but are not in sessions right now as they have no one to lead them. I asked how hard it was to get seen, she said that they did have a waiting list, but it was not long. I then asked what insurances they accepted she stated that they accepted all insurances. When asked if the insurances pay for the whole fee, she stated that they some of them do, and some just pay some…

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