Mental Health And Its Effects On Children Essays

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Mental health has often been affected by socioeconomic status. Those that are living in poverty are more susceptible to developing a mental disorder, and this does not exclude children. In fact, children are most impacted by poverty than adults due to the fact that they are still developing and are sensitive to a changing environment. It is important to provide extra support outside of the home to children who may be at a higher risk of having a mental illness. School environment has a major obligation to provide support to students who are lacking at home. The school plays a major role in the development of the students within the community.
For years, sociologists have studied the physical and mental health effects of poverty on adults and children. Research has determined that living in poverty is one of the major causes of mental health issues among children and adults. Living in poverty prevents families and individuals from accessing the utilities that they need in order to combat such illnesses. Though government programs are in place to provide the basic health care needs to those that cannot afford it, there are no such programs to cover the cost of seeking mental health assistance. Because of the lack of resources, the burden of mental health is placed on other community groups. When it comes to children, this burden is placed on places such as school or daycare.
The issue of mental health is prevalent in families living in poverty for a variety of reasons. It is…

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