Essay on Mental Health And Its Effect On My College Experience

832 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Without a doubt P.E. 150 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise was one of the most beneficial classes that I will ever take in college. It may have been just a general studies course but to me it was so much more that just that. This class has taught me incredibly important things that I will remember for a lifetime. It taught me how to take care of health, how to be responsible in certain situations, and how to life life to the fullest. Overall the material in this class has impacted my college experience in a very positive way. Going into this class, I thought that we would mostly be learning about physical health and how to stay in shape, but we learned so much more than just that. I enjoyed learning about psychological health and the four parts that make up it, which are mental, spiritual, social, and emotional. I especially found mental health interesting because if you have good mental health you can adapt to change and perceive life in so many different ways. Another major part of this course that I learned so much about with wellness, health, and nutrition. I have never been the healthiest of eaters, but I have never been too terrible of an eater either. This course changed my eating habits in some ways. I rarely ever drink pop any more, mostly just water and gatorade. I try to limit myself to eating out once a week rather that once every couple days like before. I have actually started to ready food labels. Im not obsessed with calories or anything like that, but I find it…

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