Essay Mental Health And Addiction Assignment

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Mental Health and Addiction Assignment:

In traditional model of mental health services, the decision making to treat a mental health client was carried out by the clinicians (Ministry of Health, 1995). Nowadays, in the contemporary mental health, the consumers are working together with the health professionals to provide a therapeutic contribution to mental health care (Mcallister & Walsh, 2004). The providers especially nurses are relying on the relationship negotiated with their clients to promote recovery approach to care, which means to work in a negotiated partnership. However, the negotiated partnership may be impossible to maintain due to some barriers. In addition, the Nursing Council of New Zealand (2012) implemented Domain 3 (Interpersonal Relationships) Competency 3.2 Practices nursing in a negotiated partnership with the client where and when possible, which nurse should demonstrate competence when nursing a client. This assignment will further demonstrate how it means to work in a negotiated partnership with a person with mental illness like Mr. Hare (pseudonym).

Mr. Hare, an unemployed Maori man in his early twenties, who had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia since teenager. He had a medical history of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which had been resolved more than a decade ago. He lived in the eastern part of North Island with his mother and was the only child. His grandparents looked after him when he was discharged from mental institution…

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