Mental Exercise To Improve Memory Essay

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Mental Exercises To Improve Your Memory
The brains strength and potency determines the efficiency of its memory. There are numerous activities involving the brain one can undertake to improve memory. The brain can be enhanced through this activity at any age due to its ability to change and adapt even to old age, inability known as neuroplasticity. When stimulated correctly, your brain can form new neural paths, change the existing connections and adopt react in an ever changing way.
There are different ways and exercises of improving the brains capability to function. Brain enhancing formulas have been invented and some of them accepted as working brain enhancers but mental exercises are the best way to go.
Give your brain a workout
The brain develops millions of neural pathways throughout a person’s growth process that help process and remember information, solve problems and execute familiar tasks with very little mental effort. If you stick to this path, you are giving the brain the push it needs to keep growing and developing. Memory just like muscular strength should be kept under constant use or face the risk of losing it. The more you keep your
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Physical exercise helps your brain stay intelligent, and by increases oxygen intake to your brain it reduces the risk for mental disorders that lead to loss of memory such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Exercising physically also boosts the performance of healthy brain chemicals in the brain and also reduces stress hormones. It is also useful to brain development as it boosts the growth factors of the brain and stimulates development of new neural connections. Exercising can help finish mental fatigue. Aerobics and exercises that require hand-eye coordination or complex movement skills are particularly beneficial for building the

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