Mental Entanglement In Management Theory

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Register to read the introduction… 4) Management theory should provide direction and efficiency to research and teaching.
5) Management theory must recognize that it is a part of a larger universe of knowledge and theory.

3. What are the sources of entanglement in Management theory?
The major sources of the mental entanglement in the management theory jungle, according to the author Koontz, are:
1) The Semantics Jungle: where there is no agreement on the meaning of the words management, organization, leadership, communication, and human relations.
2) Differences in the Definition of Management as a Body of Knowledge: What is management? Who is a manager? If everything is management and everyone is a manager, how can management theory be regarded as useful or scientific?
3) The a priori Assumption: Ignoring the work of Fayol, Mooney, Brown, Urwick, Gulick and others on the grounds that they are universalists.
4) The Misunderstanding of Principles: For example, confusion over the validity of principles such as unity of command, and span of control.
5) The Inability or Unwillingness of Management Theorists to Understand each other: The roadblock to understanding is
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There has been practice of Management all throughout history since ancient times when Egyptians "managed" slaves in the construction of the pyramids to how Kings managed their lands, officials and people.
Modern day management with its various systems, reports and methodologies have given Management a more scientific feel. The modern firm has introduced the role of Managers who are charged with managing the resources available to them to produce certain desired outcomes. These outcomes should often be measurable.
Putting Art and Science together, managers should use both Artistic and Scientific methods in their management work. Those who are more experienced would naturally go for a more artistic related approach to management. If one’s years of experience tell him that option A is better than option B, then it is hard to argue otherwise to him. Those who have more academic background and knowledge would naturally go for a more scientific and objective approach to management. If one’s calculations or estimations or surveys tell him that option A is better than option B, then it is hard to argue otherwise to

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