Mental Conflict In Touching Spirit Bear By Ben Mikaelsen

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Sometimes the hardest battle in life is the one you’re fighting against yourself. The fiction book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen incorporates a kid who fights a mental battle with himself over his anger and his life elsewhere. These events end up making him take out his anger on another kid and gets him sent to jail. Cole Mathews has a mother who’s an alcoholic and a father who beats him. He cheats, steals, and is violent which puts him on a list along with other juvenile delinquents. He himself is the biggest conflict throughout the story which is what he didn't realize, but he allows other people to interfere with his life when he should focus on his own problems.
The way I see the conflict of the book is Cole is the conflict and
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The conflict develops more towards the beginning of the book when it describes what cole has been though and what he will have to do to redeem himself. Although the middle of the book develops it and the theme too, cole is being forced out of what is natural to him and he has to learn to overcome his anger or else the spirit bear will keep teaching him lessons. Cole started to learn to control his anger with the anger dance, instead of him flipping out and hurting something or someone he does the anger dance to help relieve his anger. But it took him a while to do the dance because he didn’t want to look and seem stupid, So “Each night Cole tried without luck to find the feelings to dance the dance of anger. Weeks passed, but the large blank space he had reserved at the bottom of the totem for his anger carving remained empty.” (187). Eventually cole did it and got his anger out, which changed the way he thought and acted, he was like a new person because he changed so much. The conflict got resolved throughout the story because you could understand and see Cole start to change. He changed in the way he acted and his emotions ended up being controllable in a way. He respected Peter more towards the end and realized he didn't have to be angry, and get mad

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