Mental Abuse And The Isolation Essay

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The mental abuse and the isolation probably caused Mrs. Write to become mentally ill. However, there is one specific thing that most likely caused her to become ill enough to kill her husband. That thing is the fact that Mr. wright probably killed her beloved bird. When Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters were looking for sewing supplies to take to Mrs. Wright, they found a beautiful red box hidden in her fabrics. When Mrs. Peters opened the box, she saw that there was a dead bird in it. When Mrs. Hale saw it, she said, “But, Mrs. Peters—look at it! Its neck! Look at its neck! It 's all—other side to,” and then Mrs. Hale said, “Somebody—wrung—its—neck" (Glaspell 1011). John was killed in the same exact manner as the bird. That makes a person think that the two murders must be related in some way. It is also implied that John was the one that killed the bird: MRS. PETERS: (Moving uneasily) We don 't know who killed the bird.
MRS. HALE: I knew John Wright. (Glaspell 1012)
That quote clearly implies that John killed the bird. The bird being killed would have upset Mrs. Wright greatly because she obviously loved the bird. She loved it so much that she was even going to bury it in a very nice box. Also, with the bird gone Mrs. Wright would have been even lonelier. Her added loneliness combined with the fact that her husband probably murdered her beloved bird most likely made her mentally ill enough to kill: “This murder seems to be a revenge of [Mrs. Wright] to her husband John Wright…

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