Men's Quest 4D Shoe

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he good looking Men’s Quest 4D GTX is a mid-height, light-weight hiking boot by Salomon. The company has been known for quality outdoor equipment and sportswear since its inception in the French Alps more than 65 years ago. This boot is no different, it is very well made with some fantastic features and is among the highest rated on Amazon with most customers giving it 5 stars. Great quality comes at a price though and these boots are slightly more expensive than most out there. If you are serious about your hiking though then these are the ultimate choice, read on and we will explain why these hiking shoes are so good.Specifications and Features

The 4D GTX is exceptionally comfortable and it sits above the ankle for extra support and stability. It offers all the most advanced trail running technology that Salomon has in its arsenal which includes what they call a 4D advanced chassis with a rigid midsole support plate to control flex and increase stability and balance while providing protection on rocky, uneven terrain. The midsole is made from molded EVA to give long-term non-compressive support.

The uppers are made of breathable polyester mesh with a seam-sealed Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. The padded tongue is attached to a fabric gusset to keep rocks and sand from getting in. The shoe comes with a polyester lining that wicks away
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To prove this you can see that they have more than 94 percent four and five star reviews on Amazon, which is pretty astounding. They are extremely well made with the highest quality materials along with a fantastic design whilst being comfortable and lightweight. If you are just started to hike then maybe a cheaper offering would be more suitable to begin with but these ones are the shoes to have once you are a more serious hiker.TweetPOSTED

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