Men Traditional Role Essay

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Moloney talks about the procreator in the erosion of mens traditional roles. In the procreator section he explains how scientists have been trying to separate sex being the only way to reproduce. There are many cases these days in which males are just sperm donors. Men will donate their sperm to sperm banks in which their sperm will be frozen and men will no longer be needed to impregnate women physically. Opposed to biodiversity, the other downside to these scientists logics is that every other human being will just appear as another sperm donor’s child. These factors take away a traditional role for a man which is to be able to provide half of the production process. Scientists take away the nature portion of reproduction. Single women …show more content…
Men have that natural born independance where they can so easily just rely on themselves only and be able to survive. Women have been known to be the weak ones in situations because we are born more soft so we feel the need for what men are born to offer us. I’m happy that this is changing because women are learning to become more independant. Just as independant as men are. Here is equality in all. Dvorsky starts off by beginning to explain how your gender is a constraint. This means that depending on your gender your personality or being in general is limited to or restricted to either completely male roles or completely female roles. For example if you’re a male, you have the strength of a man. If you’re a female, you are soft. Men and women are profoundly different on so many levels. Your gender determines who you are evidently and what you are capable of. It is known that we cannot be fooled anymore thinking men and women are slightly similar to one another. Everyone has characteristics that will always be confined to our own genetic code. Dvorsky tells us that threats, physical violence and homicides are very male oriented roles. Women are more prone to suffering from eating disorders than men are and also including post traumatic stresses. In cognitive abilities, boys and men have higher IQ averages than girls and women do. I agree with Dvorsky to a certain extent. Some of his opinions

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