Essay on Men And Women 's Influence On Society

1137 Words Mar 17th, 2016 5 Pages
While society has learned how to identify men and women based on what they see or hear on television, read in magazines and newspapers, and what we hear on the radio. Men are often portrayed as the strong, powerful leaders giving them a reputation to uphold. Women are seen as the weaker and more emotional, causing them to be more insecure then men. While both men and women offer a great variety of skills in society, the media and the government divide them on television and in print, therefore, the American people should fight for more say in what we hear and view from the media. Men often get picked apart for how they dress, what they drive, even their race, and what kind of profession they have. For instance, we have been taught unconsciously to often judge, for example, when we see a Latino man we may automatically think he belongs to a gang, if we see an Asian man we may immediately think he has some sort of kick boxing background. Men have been taught from a young age that they have to act intimidating and look mean in order to gain respect. Men often have the idea that amongst their buddies, they have to be courageous, many will do just about anything just to prove they are men. Men are looked down upon if they show emotions such as weakness, depression, or sensitivity, this goes against the masculinity trait that they are taught from a young age. Women are encouraged to show emotion and weakness as this is what they have also been taught from a young age.…

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