Memphis ' The First Of A Broadway Musical Show Named ' Memphis

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When professor mentioned that we would watch and discuss about a Broadway Musical show named ‘Memphis’, the first that came to my mind was, the actual city Memphis in the southern state of Tennessee. I was still confused as to how a city and its activities could be incorporated into a Musical show, which is assumed to be entertaining with melodramatic components, dance and music. I had an assumption that it would be academic, political, boring since it is to be watched in a classroom setting and that a professor would not choose something entertaining or something of the liking of the younger generation. I deduced that this play might touch the topic of race since race defined how a person is treated in most southern states. I assumed that it would be something of historical importance as well. In many ways I was right, Memphis is a musical that touches the issue of race and history but it was not something boring but quite entertaining. I did not have much knowledge about theatre or drama except that I was aware that Western understanding of theatre originated from the Greeks and they had a tradition of wearing masks to identify with the characters, they are also assumed to be the inventors of tragedies and comedies. I was aware of the Greek tragedy Agamemnon because I read an excerpt of a play named ‘The Browning Version’ in which one of the characters, who is a student, remarks the play as ‘muck’. I read Macbeth by William Shakespeare in 9th grade and I also read a famous…

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