North Memphis Case Study

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North Memphis District Crime is everywhere, no matter what district, city or state. Crime is one event that will continuously occur in all our lives. North Memphis is abounding with enduring chaos, poverty, scarce jobs, and unfit living conditions. This particular neighborhood is known as the Bay area. The North Memphis District is primarily African American and for the most part poor. The vast majority of people who live in this area is beneath the poverty line. Whenever people live beneath everyone else in society crime rates primarily remain a huge problem constantly for neighborhoods. According to a study performed by Hipp (2011) indicates the cause and effect of ethnic/racial relationship to the living conditions and high crime rates. …show more content…
North Memphis have disadvantages primarily have high rates of crime and local structure equally influencing crime in black and white communities (Krivo & Peterson, 1996). According the research collected there increasing numbers with poverty experiences within city neighborhoods. This study identified there are urban more neighborhoods with higher poverty rates than city rates. The growth of these numbers in urban areas epitomizes the social transformation for the crime levels to increasingly expand (Krivo & Peterson, 1996).
Literature review
Crime is a major problem in Memphis (the Bluff City) that have reached alarming magnitudes in communities such as Frayser (Anthony, Hunter, Jewell, Johnson, & Mooreland, 2006). While major crime has been a major concern in the bluff city, there are certain crimes that are more alarming than others in this region. Crimes such as homicides, home invasions, and kidnapping. Due to the frequencies of the crimes, my focus will center on the problem of assaults and burglaries in the North Memphis area that occur on a daily basis (Buchner, 1998).
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The crime problem will never be achieved, but it can be controlled through punishment for breaking laws. The North Memphis District will possibly continue to experience ongoing crime because of the lack of funds the government fail to invest in the community, which can make it a better environment in Memphis. The Social Disorganization, Social Control, and Strain theory attempts to express why and how crime remains in certain societies and what steps should be taken to lessen criminal behavior. Therefore, patterns of crime in cultural occurrences can greatly affect all of the theories from group to group with societal context that include time and space (Porterfield,

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