Memory Vs Memory Essay

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Now one in five people carries a smartphone; with the earth 's population being seven billion, that means one point four billion people carry a smartphone. It is as if the person carries a second limbic system with them at all times. The limbic system is a part of the temporal lobe that process memory. This second limbic system has come to replace the limbic one point o. If someone was to say the word memory those around him usually would assume the memory is meant to be related to something technological, though the most important memory is the memory that has unknowingly been replaced by the memory of the internet. The memory is the ability to encode and recall information from past activities. Memory simply is the sum total of a person remembers and gives us the ability to learn and adapt to a situation at hand. Memory has a …show more content…
Now most people believe that the only connection that they have to the internet is the fact that they use it, just as they would use their car. In the past it was easy to remember a phone number yet now it seems difficult for people to do, it has even become a workout at a dinner party for people to answer questions that may be simple. Do you remember the last time your phone was used for a remedial task? Technology has changed the way that we live out our daily lives, learn, and where the human attention span is directed and research has been discovered on the effects on the memory, it has been specifically calling effects on the short term memory. Humans have unknowingly hindered their ability to truly remember information. It has been found that obsessively taking photos have done nothing but slow the process of taking a picture. Just a single hour of internet usage can make it more difficult to

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